Website Building Articles

The following website building articles will help you through each stage of making your own website.

Getting Started - Work through the initial planning stages of your website and sign up for the web site building basics course.

Web Domain Names and Hosting

How to make a website: The Design Process - After the planning stages of your website development, you can move on to actually building your website.

  • Web Site Development Strategies - A web site development plan prepares your website for success by keeping goals realistic when building out your site; saving time and future headaches.
  • Website Creation Tools - Choosing a website page editor that is right for your needs.
  • Using a Custom Web Site Builder - One of the easiest ways to make your own website is with a website builder.
  • Good Web Page Design - Using appropriate layout, navigation, and graphic design can help portray a professional image for your website.
  • What Does A Logo Do? - What to consider when building your logo.
  • Organizing a website - How to make a website that is organized logically.
  • Web Page Design and Navigation - Plan the navigation of your website before you start building your site.
  • Home Page Design - Tips on how to set up your home page so that it is pleasing and logical to your visitors.
  • Meta keywords advice - By targeting profitable keywords for your individual pages, your content pages will achieve higher rankings.
  • Meta tags optimization - Including good a good title, as well as meta description and keywords tags can help you reach higher search engine rankings.
  • Website content positioning - By adding subdirectories, you can group related pages together and make your website more logical to your visitors and easier for the search engines to spider your website.
  • Adding Content Pages - Adding focused content to your website will produce results for your website, both through sales and traffic.
  • Writing Content For the Web - People read copy on the internet differently than they do printed material. The following tips to help you write your content so that it actually gets read.

Web Site Marketing Strategies - The success of your online business depends on getting traffic to your website. Use the following promotional methods to bring in visitors.

Other Articles:

  • Optimize Keywords To Achieve Higher Rankings - Optimizing keywords should play a big part in your website building strategy.
  • What is RSS? - Find out you can keep up with all the updates to this website without having to check the site every week to see what's new.
  • Disable Popup Blocker Utilities - These instructions will help you disable your popup blocker options in common web browsers, tools bars and security suites to allow you to see the popups you want.
  • Internet Business Opportunities - Different types of internet business models.
  • Website Building Resources - Information on search engine rankings, hosting comparisons, spam check reports, link exchange programs, google adsense information, a certified webmaster directory, and other resources for webmasters.
  • Internet Business Books - For more in-depth learning about how to make your own website, writing for the internet, starting online auctions, and more.
  • Free Online Courses - Let's face it, you wouldn't put together a complicated machine without having an instruction manual. Use these courses to walk you through your online endeavors.

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