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Your website content positioning is determined by your website layout, which we discussed in our lesson on organizing a website. With a three level website structure, you can provide a more organized experience for your visitors, as well as the search engines. In this lesson, we will discuss adding level two pages to your website.

Second level pages reduce the clutter on a website by acting as a sub-index for your website. They are linked to directly from your home page (your main index) and help group related pages together. The links from your level two pages to the related level three pages also make it easy for the search engine spiders to index all the pages in your website.

Level two pages help with your website content positioning by focusing on your most profitable keywords. These are the pages that lead to your revenue generation.

Different Uses for Level Two Pages

How you write the content for each level two page depends of its specific purpose.

  • If it is an administrative page, you can write a brief introduction to your business, followed by links to each page of the section (such as who we are, where to find us, FAQS, customer service, contact forms, etc.).
  • If you have an online store, you can use your level two pages to categorize your products. Each level two category can then lead to the items that belong in this category. For example, if you had a cat supply store, one of the level two pages might be about cat food. From this main section, visitors could find links to the various brands of cat food.
  • If you will be generating money through affiliate sales, you can use your main categories to lead visitors to relevant articles that contain your affiliate links. You can also include affiliate links on your level two pages if they are appropriate to the content of that page.
  • You can also have a level two page that leads to your newsletter archives.

As you can see, there are various ways to use your level two pages for website content positioning. How you use them for your website will depend on the overall purpose of your website.

Focus On Your Most Important Keywords

When you begin building your second level pages, you want to focus on your most important keyword for that category. Review the lesson on choosing keywords for your individual pages to help you determine the most appropriate keyword phrases. These specific keyword phrases will be the focus for your second level pages.

Use Good Header Tags

To further your website content positioning for the search engines, you want to create an effective title tag, as well as your description and keywords meta tags (as discussed in our lesson on meta tags optimization). Having your individual page focused on a specific keyword phrase will help you earn higher search engine rankings.

Page Design

The design of your level two pages should be consistent with the design of your home page. You want your logo at the top, plus a clean navigation system that leads to the other main sections of your website. The text area of your level-two pages is where you can link to the third level pages that relate to each section.

Writing Content for Level Two Pages

So how do you write the content for a level two page? It helps to include a summary of what the page is about at the very top. Make it a point to use your specific keyword phrase that you are targeting at the beginning of your first paragraph, and keep your content focused on the main theme of your keyword phrase. It also helps to have a paragraph at the bottom of your page that also contains your specific keyword phrase. This will help with your website content positioning on the search engine rankings.

Give as much information as you feel is necessary, then give your visitors links to your level three pages. It is best to use text links, because people are more prone to click on these, rather than buttons or graphics. Your links should contain the specific keyword phrase of the page that is leads to, which will further help with your search engine positioning.

Using Level Two Pages to Help Build Your Website

Once you have built your second level pages, you can continue your website content positioning by adding relevant level three pages to round out your website. In our next lesson, we will discuss adding these level three content pages.

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