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Planning For Your Success

Having a strategy for your web site development is crucial when you are just starting out. The most important thing you can do when beginning a website is to properly prepare your website for success. After all, you're building more than just a website. You're building a business!

The development stages of a website are where you invest "sweat-equity" (time) into your business to build the foundation of your website. If it helps, you can compare it to building a house. You first need to decide what type of house you want, determine how big it will be, and think about how everything will be arranged.

The website development process is not something that should be rushed. Proper planning will allow you to keep your goals realistic, help build upon your perfect website concept, and save you time and headaches in the future. By investing the time now, you can maximize your returns later.

Some of the things you should consider when developing your website:

  • Defining your target audience and what they need and want.
  • Establishing a clear, benefits-based message about what your site offers.
  • Creating a blueprint to map out the growth of your website.
  • Developing the structure of your site so it makes sense to your visitors.
  • Choosing the best keywords for both your niche and individual pages
  • Proper use of meta tags so your site will be found by the search engines.

Making a website that ranks well in the search engines and gets you lots of targeted traffic takes just as much time and money to create as an unsuccessful one.

Time spent in the planning and preparation stage of your website is probably the most important time invested. It can mean the difference between success and failure on the internet.

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