Free Web Content Resources for Article Submission

Submitting your articles to free web content resources will help promote your website by expanding your exposure and increasing your website rank. Once you have chosen a topic for your article and formatted it for publication, you can begin distributing your articles. Below are some ideas for publishing your articles:

On your own website - You probably shouldn't post any articles you intend to distribute to outside sources on your own website. Not only will it make it hard to separate copyright infringement from copies which are allowed, it can also raise duplicate content issues which could hurt your rankings with the search engines.

In your newsletter - If you publish your own newsletter, send your article to your subscribers, including reprint rights at the bottom stating the author bylines and links must be included if the article is reprinted. Many website owners subscribe to newsletters in their field, and might decide to run your article in their own newsletter or on their website.

Ezine and newsletter publishers - contact ezine owners that target the same subject as your article. You can search for relevant ezines at or If you don't have any luck at these two sites, go to and type the following in the search box "your subject keyword + newsletter" to find newsletters on your topic.

Related Websites -Contact website owners and offer your articles for publication, explaining how it would fit with the theme of their website. Keep track of sites that are receptive to publishing your articles so that you can send new articles in the future.

Article Directories and Article Search Engines - Not all website owners have the time to write their own material and will check free web content resources to find relevant articles that would work well on their website. Here are some article banks and announcement lists that you might consider submitting your articles to:

To prevent the articles that you post on your website from competing with the articles that you distribute to the free web content resources, you might consider writing a basic introduction to your articles topic. You can then include a link to the in-depth article on your website so the reader can get the rest of the information. If you write quality articles, people will click on the link to read the rest of the story.

Writing articles for publication is one of the best ways to build incoming links to your website. Having your articles distributed by the free web content resources will increase both your website traffic and rank, plus you can build your reputation as an expert on your subject. Above all, this is a free form of advertising that really works.

In our next issue, we will discuss using link exchanges to promote your website.

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