Internet Business Opportunities And Ideas

Looking for internet business opportunities that offer the ability to build an online presence with minimal startup and operating costs? While there are a number of ways to generate income from the internet, the following business ideas are the basis for most internet businesses.  

Information Publishing - An internet business that focuses on providing information can allow you to build an online business based on your expertise (from work experience, hobbies, passions, etc.). 

If you know your subject matter you can build a REAL business with growing, diversified revenues. 

This can be through distribution of your own information products and courses, offering subscriptions to your information, selling advertising related to your content, and more.

Affiliate marketing - By providing relevant content that focuses on a specific subject, you can build a niche site that generates income through affiliate offers that relate to your topic.  Basically, you earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase from your affiliate links.  This is one of those internet business opportunities where you can earn money without having your own product.    

Retail  Websites - With this internet business model, you can build a virtual mall which offers something tangible to your visitors.  It's a low risk, easy, and efficient way to sell.  The key to success with retail websites is getting a high volume of targeted traffic to your site, then converting them to buyers with your copy.  

Online Auctions - You've probably heard of people making a mint by selling all kinds of items on eBay.  Learn how to take the online auction business to the next level by expanding beyond just generating income from your eBay sales.  For a quick primer on online auctions, take the Net Auction Masters Course.

Promoting Your Services - Maybe you already have a physical business, but are looking for ways to expand your client base. The answer is with a website that focuses on your area of expertise.  You can use a theme-based content site to help build your visibility among people who want the services that you offer.  

Network Marketing - Most people don't think of the internet as a way to help build their down-line, but it's actually a great way to promote your network opportunities.  Network marketing starts with recruiting/lead generation.  Your internet business opportunities allow you to expand your reach, by-pass the cold calls, and get qualified leads who are interested in your program.  

Webmaster Services - If you are already comfortable building and running websites, then you can use your expertise to help others get their websites up and running.  

E-Goods - This includes all things digital, such as E-books (especially non-fiction "how to"), clipart, photos, scans, software, etc.  The right e-products can help you grow a substantial, profitable online business, with many options for adding other revenue sources as you grow.

Brokerage Models - With this business model, you connect buyers with sellers.  By building a content-rich website, you can drive customers to offline businesses through your referrals.  In return, your participating businesses pay you a finder's fee for the referral.  It's a classic business model made much easier by the internet. 

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