Good Web Page Design

A good web page design produces a uniform look throughout your website that is both visually appealing and logical to your visitors.

Every page should have repetitive elements that are consistent throughout the site, so that each page looks like it belongs to the same website. Good page design includes having the proper layout, a logical navigation system, and presenting your information in such a way that is easy to read over the internet. Here are the basic elements of good web page design:


  • Your website name and logo should be at the top of the screen.
  • Use a basic color scheme with a solid background that is suitable to your website (i.e. you don't want a pink background for a website that will be heavily visited by men).
  • All your graphics should be optimized to download quickly.
  • Graphics should be labeled with alt tags for the browsers that don't support graphics.


  • You should have a consistent navigation on all the pages of your website.
  • The most common navigation systems include left-hand navigation, text links at the bottom, and possibly a navigation bar at the top.
  • Your navigation buttons should be easy to understand and use.


  • Use a uniform font throughout your website.
  • Make sure that your text is big enough to read easily.
  • It is wise to use a uniform text layout or style for your content.
  • Break up your text with white space.
  • Links should be underlined so that it is clear to the reader that it is a link.


Apply the Same Design to Every Page

The easiest way to apply the same design to every page is by using a website template. Templates allow your logo and navigation to be fixed on each page, so all that you have to do is add your text, page title, meta tags, and headline.

Using a template speeds up the design process and will give your visitors a good first impression of your website. You can buy pre-made templates to use with text editors, use the templates that are supplied with website design software, or use an online site builder to construct your entire website.

Good web page design benefits your visitors

A good web page design with a well-structured layout allows your visitors to locate the information they need quickly and easily, no matter where they are on your website. Another consideration in the design process is the creation of your logo, as discussed in the next article.

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