Internet Business Books

Here are some great internet business books that offer a wealth of information to help you succeed online.

Make Your Site Sell

With over 1500 pages of solid information that you can use, this is the ultimate resource for making a website that will sell. Don't let its size overwhelm you, though. It's broken down into easy to use sections that cover every aspect of online business, from ways to make money to getting the traffic you need.

"Make Your Site Sell" discusses affiliate marketing, e-goods, internet auctions, online, stores, and many other ways to generate income from your website. You'll also discover how to get paid, with or without a merchant account, plus ways to fight fraudulent orders.

You'll also learn about viral marketing, keyword brainstorming, building content sites, and getting listed in the major search engines and directories. This is one of the internet business books that I would recommend to anyone considering building a website, or looking to make their existing website more profitable. For more information, click here.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

This is one of the internet business books that shows you exactly how to publish any kind of information product. From discovering profitable ideas to building traffic that is willing to buy, "Make Your Knowledge Sell" gives you a plan of action that you can follow. Here are just some of the areas covered in this great manual:
  • How to brainstorm ideas through idea-generating exercises
  • How to develop and publish your ideas
  • How to pick the best format for you and your target audience, plus how to package your product
  • Learn time-efficient ways to research your topic
  • Find the best methods and tools to make you more productive
  • How to develop the best name for your product
  • How to copyright your work, and bring it to production.

Plus there's a special section on fulfillment, with information on how to process orders, clear credit cards, and ship your product automatically. This book is laid out in such a simple-to-follow format, that anyone can do it. "Make Your Knowledge Sell" shows you exactly how to publish your own information product and succeed.

Make Your Words Sell

Writing for the internet is different than writing for any other medium. What earned you A's in English class probably won't be what will make you money on the internet. So, what does work?

You need to learn about writing sales copy that persuades and motivates your visitors to action. "Make Your Words Sell" shows you how to do this. It can help you to write ads and articles for newsletters, craft follow-up auto responders, improve the response to your products, craft a homepage that achieves your goals, determine your unique selling proposition, word the benefits of your product to get the sale, and more. "Make Your Words Sell" is so simple that anyone can use it to write persuasive copy for their website.

Make Your Price Sell

This is one of those internet business books that would be a great asset for any business selling products or services, because it takes the guesswork out of determining what to charge. Sure, you could do it the old-fashioned way by using trial-and-error or hiring a high-priced consulting firm, but are these really the best methods?

With "Make Your Price Sell", you'll get an exact, scientific pricing process that you can use yourself, while still being able to afford it. With software that provides a mathematically generated pricing strategy, and analytical models that give you clear answers to your pricing questions, you can't go wrong. The best thing is that the analysis runs "server-side", so you don't have to mess with the software yourself.

This system automatically customizes a pricing questionnaire about your product or service, records and analyses the data, and determines the best price to charge. With "Make Your Price Sell" you can set your price confidently based on your target audience. Click here to find out more.

Make Your Net Auction Sell!

Sydney Johnston, who has co-authored other internet business books about the auction business, shows you how to develop and grow a profitable online auction business. "Make Your Net Auction Sell" has over 200 pages of information to help you build your own high traffic website, advertise like a pro for maximum results, deal effectively with your buyers, generate recurring sales, ship in the most labor-and-cost effective manner, and get paid without worry.

If you're just starting out, learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls and innocent mistakes that many people make with online auctions. This book can super-charge your learning process and help you build a sustainable internet auction business. It's crammed with great information that many others charge a pretty penny for, but you can get it downloaded free here.

In addition to these various internet business books, you can also get valuable information to help you grow your business with these various online courses.

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