Building A Website to Meet Objectives

In this lesson we will discuss building a website to meet objectives for your internet business.

You have probably already decided that you need a website and you’re ready to begin  building it.  Before you start thinking about layout and design, you need to take some time to determine what you want your web site to accomplish.

There are many reasons for building a website.

At the bare minimum, you are probably hoping that your website will generate income in some form or another.

Determining the purpose of your website will depend on whether you have an existing business or not.

Here are some of the more common website objectives:

• To Generate Leads:
Service-type businesses can consider building a website to meet objectives like advertising their services and generating leads. If you have this type of business, your website can deliver information about your services and allow you to build credibility with your visitors.

• To Provide Company Information:
If you have an existing business, you can use your website to provide information to your current and future customers. This is a low-cost method to advertise your business, plus provide customer support and service. You can also provide contact information, business hours, product details, etc.

• To Sell Products:
You can use your website to sell either your own products or someone else's products through an online store. By using product reviews and information, you can promote these products to targeted visitors.

• To Provide Information:
If you don't already have an existing business, product, or service that you wish to promote, you can start by building an information website on a subject that you know a lot about. By providing good information that people are searching for, you can build a successful website that generates income through affiliate commissions.

These are just a few examples for building a website to meet objectives. For more ideas, you can check out these other small business ideas.

Your Website Goals Can Evolve Over Time

This is not to say that your website goals can't evolve over time, or that you can't have more than one goal for your website. This is just a starting point. You can add other income streams to your website as you get a better feel for your market.  For example, as you develop your information website, you can always expand your objectives to include selling products, services, ebooks, etc.

By deciding what you want your website to accomplish, building a website to meet objectives will be much easier. The content of your website will be driven by the nature of your business.

Start With Targeting the Right Audience

Before you can start making money with your website, you need to build a website that gets a steady stream of targeted traffic. This can be accomplished by choosing a website concept that is based on profitable keywords. We will discuss how to find an idea for a website in our next lesson.

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