What Are Good Newsletter Topics?

 Choosing Excellent Subjects to Write About

After deciding to start a newsletter, you may be wondering, what are good newsletter topics to write about?

Choosing your newsletter name is the first step in determining what the focus of your newsletter will be.

The next step is to pick topics that fit the focus of your newsletter.

By providing helpful information that targets the interests of your audience, your subscribers will look forward to receiving your emails.

To get started, I suggest making a master-list of potential newsletter topics.

This will help you organize the material into different subjects and give you a base of topics to write about.

You can use the ideas below to help you get started making your master list of possible topics.

Newsletter Topics That Never Grow Old...

  • Answer Common Questions: What are some of the questions that your website visitors frequently ask? Going through your frequently asked questions can give you a lot of material for different topics, with each question serving as the basis of discussion in your newsletter.
  • Visit the Forums: If you haven't started getting feedback and questions from your website visitors, try visiting the forums that target your market. This will allow you to get a feel for what the people in your niche want and need. You can then address their concerns in your publication.
  • Get Visitor Feedback: If you're still stumped, consider letting your visitors tell you what they want to read about. The easiest way to do this is by adding an "Ask the Editor" section to your newsletter and website. The input from people who take the time to ask for advice can make for some great newsletter topics. Plus, your readers will love your newsletter because it provides them with the exact information they need.
  • Write How-to Articles: People are always looking for an easier way to do things, and you can be their source of information. For example, if your website focuses on pet care, you may want to write a newsletter about "What to look for when buying dog food" or "How to litter-train your kitten."
  • Offer a Tip List: This can be a way to spice up your newsletter and provide quality information at the same time. For example, one newsletter topic might be "10 essential steps to understanding your pet", or "5 easy ways to get your dog to obey." Another idea is to make a list of your favorite resources, books, or websites to share with your readers.
  • Provide Product Reviews: By writing honest reviews about products, you can help your readers make informed choices. This can also be a way to generate affiliate commissions, but this should not be your main motivation for writing the review. Only write a good review if you truly believe in the product. Also, don't be afraid to point out any shortcomings of the product, such as ease of use or price.
  • Recycle Your Old Website Articles: If some of the articles on your website provide relevant information that your subscribers can use, consider sending them out to your readers. There's a good chance that most haven't seen the material before.
  • Use Reprint Articles: It can be a daunting task to come up with fresh material on a regular basis. When you're looking for fresh ideas and content, you can use reprint articles available at the article banks and directories to fill out your newsletter topics. Writers that submit to these websites make their content available for publication on the condition that their resource information is included when you publish the article.
  • Include News Updates: You can include brief news items that are related to your topic. Your subscribers will appreciate being able to stay on top of what is going on your specific market, especially if it has a commentary on how it might affect them.
  • Use Quotations: Another idea to stretch out your newsletter topics is to use inspirational or educational quotations. You can send out daily quotations, use them to build the topic for your individual newsletters, or send out quotations in between your regular newsletters.

When thinking about what are good newsletter topics for your market, your main consideration should be providing quality content that your readers will find useful.

You can use the ideas above to help you get started building a list of potential newsletter topics.

By adding to your list as new ideas come to mind, you will have a good supply of future topics.

Once you have chosen some topic for your newsletter, you can begin deciding how you will send your newsletter and get people to sign up to receive it.

What's Next?

In our next lesson, we will discuss the various newsletter delivery systems and choosing the best one for your niche.

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