How Do You Make a Website

So, how do you make a website if you have no prior experience? The first place to start is with a plan so that you don't get overwhelmed. The following website planning checklist outlines everything you need to do to build your own website:

Green Checkmark  Decide what type of website you want to build - Get different ideas on the most common internet models by reading through the section on Internet Business Opportunities

Green Checkmark Choose your niche - It's vitally important to spend time on choosing the topic for your website.  Below are various resources to help you pick a successful website topic:

Green Checkmark Register your domain name - After you decide on your niche topic, it's time to register a domain name.  The following sections will help you choose a good website name and avoid legal hassles with your choice: Green Checkmark Choose a website host - Now it's time to find a host for your website.  There are various options available from free hosting to dedicated server hosting. Check out what options are available with this comparison chart: Low Cost Web Hosting Services

Green Checkmark Pick a website editor - What software or editor you use to build your website will depend on your experience level and personal preferences.  Here are a few options for you to consider:

Green Checkmark Design your site - Part of the success of your website will be the first impression that people get when they enter your site.  Find out how to design an attractive look and feel for your target audience with the following articles:   Green Checkmark Add content to your website - What you say and how you present it plays a major part in the success of your site (even the stuff that doesn't actually show on the page). Use the following strategies on how to write and organize content to help you achieve better results. Green Checkmark Get traffic to your site - For a website to be successful, people need to know about it.  You can gain visitors in many different ways, as outlined below: Green Checkmark Starting a newsletter for your site can be a powerful way to build loyalty and bring people back to your site. Find out how to get started with the following articles:

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So, you've decided to make a website and are anxious to get it up and running. Before you jump in with both feet, do yourself a favor and take some time to determine the objectives of your website. I know that sounds boring, but you'll save a lot of headaches and be more successful when you make a website based on a clear purpose targeted at a specific audience.

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