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Using Google's AdWords KeyWord Tool to Assess the AdSense Potential of Your Site Concept

If you're considering using Google AdSense as an important part of your monetization plans, this tool gives you a superb "high level snapshot" of how profitable your potential Site Concept could be.

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How Important Is The Meta Keyword Tag?

Good question. Google has never given a clear answer to this question, either side-stepping it or being vague. The truth is that no one really knows, but it's safe to say that a well-formed meta keyword tag can't hurt. It's likely not important, but I see no reason for it to be totally ignored if it's well-formed.

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Obsess Over Your Business

I've spoken about focus and positive attitude and persistence before. But "obsession" is something I've not discussed. Every successful entrepreneur, from the solo SBI! Netrepreneur to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, obsesses over his/her business.

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How To Gain 20 Hours Per Week To Build Your Business

Not so long ago, someone in the SBI! Forums read somewhere that the average American spends an average of 4.5 hours per day watching TV. "4.5 hours per day" is one of those incredible-but-true stats. TV is an incredibly insidious productivity-killer.

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Just Get Started

This post is for me and for you, from the brand new SBIer who just purchased, to the sophisticated SBIer looking to take their business to yet another level. Taking real steps of any kind is what it takes, no matter where you are in SBI!. But it's safer just to read some more, or do something that feels like you're doing something, but that doesn't really move you towards your next important goal.

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What's The Best Use of Your Time Right Now?

As your business grows, your focus and prioritization should change... from choosing the right niche... to building content and inbound links... to monetizing that traffic. We all tend to delay the things we don't like to do, even if they are really important.

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Search Traffic Vs. Social Traffic

People use the Web for two things... they search for information and they play/socialize. Social surfers are not searching for your information, so they are not worth much in the eyes of advertisers/Google.

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Mooch Marketing

The well-known and respected Ken Evoy always has something interesting to say about online marketing and the state of the Web. Don't miss his post about Mooch Marketing, which shows Ken's unique take on so called "success stories."

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